5 Reasons Why Photographers Need Styled Shoots

5 Reasons Why Photographers Need Styled Shoots

5 Reason Why Photographers Need Styled Shoots

Creating and photographing a styled shoot can help you take your business to the next level. How? By attracting ideal clients, building relationships with professional wedding vendors, fostering creativity and inspiring you to try new photography techniques. It also gives opportunities to freshen up your brand, add fresh content to your website, and gain visitors to your website. Whether you are an established photographer or are new to photography, styled shoots are a terrific way to grow your photography business.

Fostering Creativity

Much of the time as photographers, we don’t have a say on what is in front of the camera. When there is an opportunity to design and photograph a single event, there is the potential to take artistry to a whole new level. Styled shoots allow you to think outside the box, challenge yourself, and do something original. You may find that once you have stretched your creative muscles, you will learn more about your craft and your business. This will only help you stand out from the saturated photography crowd in your market.

5 Reasons Why Photographers Need Styled Shoots
Minimalist Bridal Shoot by Juicebeats Photography

Networking with Photographers

Whether you are seasoned at your craft or just starting out, networking between photographers is important. There might not have a strong sense of community between photographers where you live. At styled shoots with multiple photographers, you will have the ability to add to your network. Maybe you need a new associate photographer or second shooter? Maybe you just need a photographer friend to edit with or have coffee? The perks of a successful network can also help you gain referrals or collaborate on future photography projects.

5 Reason Why Photographers Need Styled Shoots
New Years Eve Wedding Inspiration from Erin Morrison Photography

Connect with Industry Professionals

When you participate in a styled shoot, you are able to network with other professionals. Connecting your business to these professionals will only grow your business. During styled shoots, you will communicate with wedding coordinators, florists, hair and makeup companies, calligraphers, and cake bakers, just to name a few!

A huge portion of wedding photography jobs is booked through referrals. Every time a professional provides you with a solid business referral,  have a chance to convert that lead to a booking. Referrals are a result of building great relationships fostered on trust, and styled shoots can be a powerful way to connect with like-minded vendors.

5 Reasons Why Photographers Need Styled Shoots
Concord Farmhouse Winter Inspiration by Juicebeats Photography

Create Content for Your Brand

If you find that your brand and social media aren’t reflecting the type of aesthetic you want, it’s time to do something about it. Styled Shoots are a great way to show off who you are as a photographer to potential customers. Maybe you are a family photographer, but want to expand your brand into wedding photography. Or, it’s the other way around. Perhaps you just re-launched a new website, and need photos to coordinate with your new brand colors. What better way to launch a new brand or website than with photos that aesthetically match?

5 Reasons Why Photographers Need Styled Shoots
Wormsloe Historic Site Styled Shoot by Juicebeats Photographer

Traffic to your Website

Here is one thing that photographers tend to forget: people like pretty things. The fresh content from a styled shoot can be gold for website traffic. This comes from blog posts, sharing on social media, and sharing on the all-popular Pinterest. All of these platforms gives the perfect opportunity to bring old and new visitors to your website. Pinterest in particular, through the scheduling app Tailwind, has the potential to bring thousands of people to your website every month. For many creatives, this is their top-generating platform.

5 Reasons Why Photographers Need Styled Shoots
Whitestone Country Inn Styled Shoot by Juicebeats Photography

Ascend Theory Styled Shoots

Ascend Theory artists Juicebeats Photography and Erin Morrison Photography know a thing or two about styled shoots. The creation and photography of styled shoots pushed their business to the forefront as professional Knoxville wedding photographers. If you are interested in a styled shoot workshop, make sure you check out our workshop page for current events.

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