Why Beginners Should Use Flash Photography

Why Beginners Should Use Flash Photography When it comes to photography, flash photography is definitely a hot topic. Should photographers use flash photography or should they not? Technology has evolved so that photographers have a variety of options at our disposal when it comes to lighting. This including flashes that fit in your pocket and...

5 Reasons Why Photographers Need Styled Shoots

5 Reason Why Photographers Need Styled Shoots Creating and photographing a styled shoot can help you take your business to the next level. How? By attracting ideal clients, building relationships with professional wedding vendors, fostering creativity and inspiring you to try new photography techniques. It also gives opportunities to freshen up your brand, add fresh...

What Is Ascend Theory?

What Is Ascend Theory? It’s website launch day, and we have been working super hard to bring you the vision of a new collective of professionals made up of Brittany Conner Photography, Derek Halkett Photography, Erin Morrison Photography, Juicebeats Photography, Rellek Films, Roxy & Jon Photography, and Waldorf Photographic Art. We know the first question...

Welcome to Ascend Theory

ASCEND THEORY: THE BIG INTRODUCTION FREE AUGUST 22, 2019 THE EMPORIUM 100 S GAY ST, KNOXVILLE, TN 37902 6:30-8:00 PM We welcome all creatives to a meet and greet with the artists of Ascend Theory. This will be our first event for the collective, and we are so ready to share with you all of...

Erin Morrison Photography | Knoxville Wedding Photographer

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The Ascend Theory is a curated collective of artists who are highly creative and exceptional at their craft. Each artist possesses extensive knowledge based on years of experience and believes in elevating wedding photography through a relationship with couples and the creation of exceptional images. Ascend artists are highly regarded in their profession, within the wedding industry, and among their respective communities. They have pooled their talents to provide industry leading photography workshops, mentorships, and guidance to other photographers who are looking to improve their skill sets and businesses., Derek Halkett Photography, Erin Morrison Photography, Brittany Conner Photography, Juicebeats Photography, Roxy & Jon Photography, Waldorf Photographic Art, Rellek Films