Top 5 Lighting tips




Hey there! This is Derek Halkett! Whether you are looking to improve your natural light photography skills or learn on and off camera lighting setups, Ascend Theory has you covered with comprehensive workshops that cover a variety of different lighting scenarios.


One of the most effective ways of impressing your clients is by capturing wedding shots with impeccable lighting. However, these fast-paced environments make using lighting equipment pretty darn difficult. So for professional wedding photographers, nothing is more exciting than finding gear that not only helps creates amazing images, but is also quick and compact.


Thus, I've compiled a list of the Top 5 Lighting Tips to help those of you who are learning photography lighting. I also included my Top 3 Light Mods to further assist you in your journey to discovering light. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this informative and free PDF, enjoy!

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Derek Halkett Photography Guide- Top 5 Lighting Tips

Top 5 Lighting Tips

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