They buy the "why"


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Hi! I am Bill Waldorf of Waldorf Photographic Art. Our goal at Ascend Theory is to provide photography workshops that will inspire, motivate, and provide a platform for aspiring photographers to grow their business and creative talent through education and mentoring.


Branding and marketing s not only critical aspect f your business, but also a foundation on which you should build and grown the business.


I I started my business in 2006 and within 6 years, was listed in the top 5% of most success studios in the U.S. according to the PPA national benchmarks. I have photographed hundreds of weddings regionally and internationally as well as acquired a list of commercial clients that include Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Vera Bradley, Blue Sky Aviation, and Marc Nelson Denim. I have met a lot of talented and creative photographers who are struggling to get their business off the ground, as well as established photographers who are who are having a hard time growing their business simply because they do not have a well-defined marketing strategy.


We would love to help you not only with branding and marketing strategies, but all aspects for technical to creative so that you can enjoy the fulfillment of of doing what you love and expounding on YOUR "WHY."

knoxville, tn

The Ascend Theory is a curated collective of artists who are highly creative and exceptional at their craft. Each artist possesses extensive knowledge based on years of experience and believes in elevating wedding photography through a relationship with couples and the creation of exceptional images. Ascend artists are highly regarded in their profession, within the wedding industry, and among their respective communities. They have pooled their talents to provide industry leading photography workshops, mentorships, and guidance to other photographers who are looking to improve their skill sets and businesses., Derek Halkett Photography, Erin Morrison Photography, Brittany Conner Photography, Juicebeats Photography, Roxy & Jon Photography, Waldorf Photographic Art, Rellek Films

Waldorf Photographic Art Guide- They Buy The “Why”